What Exactly is Included in Templates for Android

Android App Template

Templates for Android are becoming popular by the day. They provide developers with a means to deliver mobile apps to their customers in a quick and convenient manner. These templates come with easy to use interfaces and have a complete logic flow from one screen to the other. Android templates contain a basic format of how the app should be and how it should function. It is up to the developer to add creativity and ensure that the client gets the desired features with proper customization.

Apps built from templates are highly customizable and can be made to look unique. Here’s what’s included in a typical Android app template:

  • A typical Android app template generally includes a working sample of the XCode project.
  • The developer gets access to the entire source code and can modify it as per business requirements.
  • The basic structure of the app is ready, and you can add features and new components to customize it.
  • Original PSD – Photoshop document that contains the artwork for the mobile app is included with the download. This means that you can add new images, edit some of the existing ones and create new images to suit the theme of your app. You can even change the color scheme of the app and make it more relevant to the business you are designing for.
  • PNGs in retina resolution and non-retina resolutions are provided with the template. This ensures that you get high quality images for your mobile app.
  • The templates are compatible with the latest version of Android and you can customize them right away.
  • Prebuilt functionalities ensure that you save hundreds of hours of coding and are able to deliver projects to your clients efficiently and quickly.
  • The templates are designed to adhere to the Play Store guidelines that make your app’s chances of approval on the apple store greater.
  • Provides you with the easiest and quickest way to create your apps!

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