The Impacts of the Digital Footprint

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It is no secret that we are living in a digital age. The times of letters and postcards are long gone. Social Networking is at its rise and people type more words than they say to their own family. So, what does this mean? Is this evolution? No, it clearly isn’t. People often refer to as an evolution in human life, but, in reality it is the end of it.

The worst thing about browsing the Internet is leaving Digital Traces. These digital traces, also referred to as Digital Footprints, are a list of things we do on the Internet. Every post we make, every picture we share, every video we upload and every website we visit, all of this information is stored on the web and is waiting for someone to start retracing these footsteps.

Then there’s the question of what can people do with this information? The answer goes from blackmail to making them do things they wouldn’t normally do. However, if you still don’t believe us, then we have a list of things that would probably change your mind…

Affects on College Admissions and Scholarships

This is probably the worst things that come with Digital Footprints. If you’re one of the many people that are trying to get into a good university, then you would know that the Admission Panel takes the time to Google every single candidate. The difference between getting in and failing to do so could be something as small as a drunken photo that you posted on Facebook five years ago. This would give the Panel enough reason to decline your admission as no college would be too keen to enlist a drunk teen. You might not even be the type of person who gets high frequently, however, that one picture would be enough proof that you are.

Blackmailing and Bullying

It’s pretty simple – Anyone who has information about what you were doing all night long would find it productive to start blackmailing you. The blackmailing could be as small as forcing you to do their homework or as huge as forcing you to pay them to keep quiet. If that person thinks that they should expose that information they’ve been holding for so long, that only means more trouble. That information is probably enough to get people to start bullying you – Hence, destroying your life bit by bit and making It a living hell.

How Could You Protect Your Digital Footprint?

There are a number of ways to protect your digital footprint. Some of them are:

  • Remove anything that might be used to blackmail you.
  • Always think about the posts you are about to make and make sure that there isn’t anything that can be used against you.
  • Never post too much information about your personal life and never discuss any aspect of your personal life with someone you meet online.
  • Make sure that strangers cannot see what you post.

What Can Parents Do?

If you’re one of those parents that are concerned that their children might be exposing their entire private lives on the web, and you think that that would come back to bite you, then you probably should start keeping an eye on the things they do on the internet. Checking their phones every once in a while is a good idea, however, if your child is cautious, he or she will probably have their phone password-protected. You could force them to hand over their phone and unlock it so you can comfortably browse their social apps, but we all know how well that would work. So, what can parents do? They should start using Parental Monitoring Applications.

What are Parental Monitoring Applications?

Parental Monitoring Applications are a bunch of spy apps that were specifically made so that parents could keep an eye on their children. With these apps, you could easily monitor all of your child’s online activities. You could easily keep track of all the social networking applications that are installed on their device. Moreover, you could also keep track of all the posts they make as well as all the conversations that take place using the device. You could also keep an eye on their browsing history. These apps also enable you to block any inappropriate website they may be browsing frequently. Hence, these apps make sure that you are able to make the Internet safe for your children as well as protect their digital footprint.