Learning HTML5 on the Go!


So you want to learn HTML5, but your excuse is that you never have enough time to sit at a computer and learn. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of mobile apps that allow you to learn on the go.

Let’s Get Mobile!

You can literally learn anywhere with your smart phone. While you’re on the bus or waiting for your next flight, take a look at these 3 apps and begin your journey to HTML5 supremacy.

WAGmob – Learn HTML5

Geared toward the beginner, WAGmob has a great app for learning HTML5. It takes an interactive approach, using things like flash cards, and quizzes to help you learn. You can also bookmark notable information to reference later. This works on all major mobile devices.

HTML5 Tutor for Android

Built in code samples and demos are the name of the game for this app. You can also edit the code samples and run it on the app, giving you great hands on experience. This tool is an awesome refresher for the tenured coder, or even the beginner.

HTML5 Pro Quick Guide

HTML5 Pro Quick Guide provides an introduction to the basics for someone who is new to HTML5, and also serves as a cheat sheet or reference for the more advanced user as well. It provides useful information on syntax, document structure, DOCTYPE declarations, attributes and values, colors, font styles, HTML version information, and browser compatibility tables for the most popular browsers.

Learning on the Interwebs

So what if you do have time to sit down and do some studying. There are a plethora of websites dedicated to learning HTML5 online.


Codecademy boasts themselves as an education company, but in a different light. Based on the idea that most educational systems are dated, they wanted to bring a new and free approach to learning code online.

The Odin Project

Do you feel like you’re wasting time when trying to learn something online, on your own? Then The Odin Project might be for you. This site gives you free tools and a path for you to learn and follow so that you know what you’re doing is right, while simultaneously helping you build a portfolio to help further your career down the road.


This site has one clear goal in mind, to teach people how to build beautiful and intuitive websites by way of clear and organized lessons. learn.shayhowe.com starts at the beginning with learning the basics of HTML5 and ending with more advanced learning subjects like jQuery, transitions and animations, and also extended semantics & accessibility.

Less Technology, More Reading!

Books are a pretty mobile thing right? You can always take the tech-less approach, order books online, and have them delivered where ever you are. Bookbyte has used books to learn coding for under $20, or if you don’t want to keep the book you can always sell it back to them, or rent it out.

But I’m Not in to Learning on My Own…

Fair enough, it’s not for everyone. You’re probably someone who needs full structured learning. IF you have time, instead of surfing through cable TV channels, grab your laptop and take an online HTML5 class.
Hopefully some of these tools help you.

Are you a tenured coder and have other awesome resources that you use? Leave them in the comments!