An Outstanding Freebie from PixelKit that is Ready to Rock Your Next Design


The Clean UI freebie kit called Arctic Sunset from provides users with a beautiful and simple interface that’s easy for visitors to use and understand. The freebie kit features a host of different elements – more than 30 of them – that provide the look and functionality needed for nearly any site. This kit would work well for corporate sites and business sites, but it could work just as well for any individuals who want a simple and attractive site.

The kit features blogging elements, buttons, audio interface, and beautiful typography with free open fonts. The graphics in the kit are vector, so you can scale them to any size you might need too!

Even more surprising than the low price is what you receive throughout the year. While there are many valuable benefits that come with using this service, the most popular include:

  • The ability to browse and use thousands of high quality graphics as frequently as needed. Unlike many other types of UI kits out there, these always include numerous different elements and features. This makes it much easier for designers to adapt and apply the kits to any project.
  • New graphics and resources are added to the library every month. Designers can learn about new and exciting opportunities to improve their services just by checking back from time to time.
  • All of the graphics are scalable, mobile-compatible, and compatible with 960 grids. This makes it easy to implement the graphics within most HTML structures and make projects mobile-friendly, which is becoming essential.

For most designers and developers, the most significant gain here is time. You don’t have to waste time waiting for a designer to deliver on your project, nor do you have to wait and design everything yourself. When you have access to UI kits like these, you can wrap your project up faster and move on to the next one that much faster. Of course, you’ll also enjoy better customer satisfaction, which means repeat business down the road.

Check out this special treat– the Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. You can download these modern HTML Bootstrap templates and use it to make your design even more functional and cool looking.

Download the Artcic Sunset UI Kit freebie

Demo  Download
Demo  Download

Download and share with Friends. 🙂