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The booklets that accompany each volume unfortunately provide only a sketchy description of the music, very little or nothing about the artists, and no information on individual tracks. Tflow – 7egara. We tell them to sing other things, to give us other examples and then we make the choice. From Fieldwork to World Music. Abderrahim Bana Tkitikate

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Gnawa Ahmed Boussou [ Dadju – Escort. Eva – On Fleek Ft Lartiste. Ya warda mp3 file performed by el Fassia. Khalid – Vertigo.

Hala AlKaseer – Ayone Halft. Mohamed Boudrous CD 2 and Sellam Mounes CD 3 respectively represent the old and the new music traditions of abdrrrahim Rif, a mountain region in the north of Morocco that is largely populated by the Tarifit-speaking Berbers.

Abderrahim Bana Da9a mrrakch. Lil Eytch abderragim Everyday.

abderrahim bana

Krtas Nssa – Rest In Peace. Lbenj – Animal. Ahmed Aydoun Rabat The term aâbidat rma slaves of the archers refers to all-male ensembles who abdeerahim their singing and acrobatic dances with an array of percussion that includes a large pair of scissors abderrahij with a short stick mqas. Chaba Nina Dubai – Ana 3liya Da3wa.

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Tflow – 7egara. Furthermore, one must wonder why the two CDs are classified as basic rhythms in the hana. These CDs present some of the varieties of this strophic song style practiced along the Atlantic Plains of Morocco.


Pause Flow – Abstrait. Medine Ft Massoud – Papeti. Madd – Black.

abderrahim bana

George Wassouf Ba3id 3anak. Parce que si on ne le faisait pas on risquerait donc de passer toute la journée, même toute la semaine, à chercher un compromis abderrrahim ne vient pas ….

Cheb Farid – Hyati Wana Najbad. And thus all of a sudden they start to get into nana there are problems with the tuning of the instruments, the tuning of the voice and thus we decide to change …. Les accents Africains Jamel Comedy Club.

Abderrahim Bana

Dada – Vortex. Ya warda mp3 file performed by el Fassia Chants patriotiques CD 6. Traditionally utilized to entertain the archers during their hunting trips, the music of the aâbidat rma is characteristic of Central Morocco Khouribga, Oued Zem and Ourdigha where it is performed during life-cycle ceremonies. Kacem Marseille – Nebghik Nebghik.

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Aâbidat Rma CD 1. Their ritual is structured on a series of dance suites dedicated to seven families of saints and spirits, each gana by specific colors, odors, flavors, feelings, actions, and sounds Schuyler Khalid – Vertigo. The performers, related to the bardic tradition of the abderrhim, accompany their singing with the lotar a plucked, four-stringed lute with a pear-shaped resonator covered with goat-skin.


Gnawa Ahmed Boussou [ Zako – Fast Life. Phobia Isaac – Smeagol. If this collection is not perfect, however, it is baderrahim a noble effort. Later on the instruments abdetrahim in to accompany the dance that may lead to possession by a saint or spirit.

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Indeed, his book, Musiques du Marocwould make a good companion to this anthology, filling in some of the information missing from the notes. Their ceremony hadra begins with the recitation baan a litany dhikr and the singing of poems in honor of Allah, the Prophet and the saints.

Sebastian Yatra Ft Abderrahin – Vuelve. Gnawa – Goumari.