6 ways to choose the best WordPress theme


If you want to make a WordPress website for your business or blog, then the selection of the theme plays a very important role in it. The whole creativity the presentation of the website depends on the theme itself. After the content, the most important aspect of the website is the presentation and it depends on the theme. So, the selection of the proper theme is very important.

While the selection of the theme for any website, there are many aspects that are meant to be followed. There are several different themes which are suitable for the different categories.

Here are few aspects that are need to be followed for the WordPress theme selection:

1. Design and user experience

The main objective should be the user experience as the website is developed for the end users. It should be taken care of the professionalism and the business logic. The design should be in such a way that it is easily searched. There are many theme stores where one can find plenty of themes that might be suitable for you. Theme forest is one of that places where one can find the best newly designed themes by very good professionals. Some times seriously needed to be given while the implementation to see whether the applied theme is good or not.

2. Speed

The most important aspect of the theme is that it should be fast. Fast means that it should have faster transition animations which will gradually increase the speed. The most important thing is the responsiveness when we talk about the speed. The more responsive a website more speed will be there when a user is using it. There are many themes available which are having very animations, very good looking and are the best in class looks, but along with this there will be higher loading time. So the theme which will have minimal design along with the small reliable animations will be preferred over others. So the themes with too many plugins, animation sliders along with too much work of the javascript should be avoided.

3. Easily customizable

The most important aspect of the theme is that one can mold it in the way one wants. The animations available can be added or reduced according to the requirement. If any content needed to be added later than it should be configurable. There should be the availability of the visual page editor for editing the page without going too much into the coding. Basically the style sheets available should be easily editable.

4. Security

The theme that is available should be secure. It means that the style sheets should provide flexibility to the users. The password should not be visible. The main page i.e. the admin page should be dynamic. No one other than the main user should be able to access the page or should be able to change the content of the pages. Every time a new user making a new password it should make a reminder of making a strong password. And every time the password is reset it should take proper measure that the old password is not repeated. Before using any theme the reviews about the theme should be properly checked.

5. Responsive website

The major issue on the themes available is that they are not dynamic. It means when anyone switches from one device to another, the information can be lost. Every device has the different aspect ratio and the webpage should change according to it if not then it is not useful. 80 percent of the user now days are using the mobile phone so there should be dynamic themes. The more responsive a theme is the more will be the use of it. No information loss, different view of all the devices used and most important well defined and responsive to the very device.

6. Simple looking website

Most people think that people will like very highly animated and well-designed themes. But people or the end user do prefer a minimal design with average animation on the requirement of responsive and a fast website. These days material design is trending because of the use of simple and good looking design with less coding. All the images used will be of vector design so the memory use will be very less and the loading time will gradually increase.


So, we can see that the selection of the best theme is very important for the good performance of the website. A good theme is one which will be responsive, having good speed, less in size and high in content. If any theme suits the above-mentioned things are then ideal for the website. Even the theme depends upon the categories of the website to be created. Thus, make sure check the theme reviews and the catalog properly before buying or using it. If you face any kind of the problem then hire a PSD to WordPress theme customization company which can assist you better.