10 Must Have Statistics plugins for your WordPress website


The powerhouse of millions of websites- WordPress is all over the place and definitely drawing the attention of the web experts and the beginners alike. Whether you want to drive more traffic to your website or convey a message to your website visitors through notification bars. You name it and they have a plugin for anything and everything! Extraordinary rise in the demand of WordPress plugin development services literally says something about the power of WordPress.

Top 3 Reasons to Never Ignore Statistics Plugins:


To add to the list, we will throw a spotlight on WordPress Statistics Plugins that will help you to know the number of visitors on your website. Here are the quick reasons to not ignore these plugins:

1. Easily monitor traffic on your website.
2. Know about your audience interests on your website.
3. Know about the demographics of the visitors.

Ultimate 10 Statistics WordPress Plugins are here:

1. WP Statistics Plugin

WP Statistics Plugin allows you to track your WordPress website without intriguing into the privacy of the visitors. Isn’t it amazing? This plugin has whooping 400,000+ active installations and is kept very much updated.

WP Statistics Plugin - Anshullabs

  • Graphs on the WordPress admin panel itself.
  • Visitors, visits and page statistics can be viewed.
  • Visitors’ location on interactive map.
  • GeoIP location of the users is available.
  • Statistics of the website as E-mail reports.
  • Hits, Search words and referrers.

2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

GADWP is a very popular and extremely useful Statistics plugin which is integrated with Google Analytics. Pretty self-explanatory from the name itself!

GADWP - Wordprax

  • Track your website with the advanced tracking code.
  • View the stats in the WordPress admin panel itself.
  • In-depth post as well as page reports.
  • Individual post performance reports.
  • Real time number of visitors and sources for traffic.
  • Page views, bounce rates and sessions analytics.

This is quite an advanced plugin that will influence your marketing strategies as well. A must-have!

3. Jetpack by WordPress.com

How can we even miss Jetpack by Automattic? If there is anything that can keep you out of tough times, it is this plugin. You ask how? And we are here with several reasons-

Jetpack - Wordprax

  • It is not just a Statistics plugin, there are plenty other benefits of this amazing plugin.
  • Website security and traffic stats are the key functions.
  • Get website stats and analytics using this plugin.
  • SEO and promotion tools are an added advantage.
  • Automatic sharing on the social media platforms.

It is a power-packed plugin that will take care of all the aspects of your WordPress website. A mix of free and paid features!

4. Simple Blog Stats

Simple Blog Stats plugin is a simple little but useful WordPress plugin that will make your blogger life much more easier.

Simple Blog Stats - Wordprax

  • Extraordinary plugin that enables using shortcodes.
  • Display site stats anywhere in the theme- posts, pages!
  • Total number of posts,pages, drafts, comments in moderation, approved comments and so on…
  • Number of words in a post, categories and tags.
  • All bog stats are displayed in a list.

5. Advanced Blog Metrics

Advanced Blog Metrics is worth recommending if we go by the simplicity of use it offers. Bloggers can improve the performance of their blogs using this plugin.

Advanced Blog Metrics - Wordprax

Dedicated to WordPress bloggers, it has following features:

  • It tells you when does your posts generate maximum comments! Quite advanced. Eh?
  • Average number of comments per day per post.
  • Average number of words per post.
  • 5 posts generating maximum likes and comments on Facebook.

On a whole, this plugin helps you being consistent in your blogging habits.

6. WassUp Real Time Analytics

WassUp Real Time Analytics is an incredibly useful and effective plugin sure to help you analyse your website traffic.

WassUp Real Time Analytics - Wordprax

  • Accurate and real-time stats with detailed reports.
  • Visitor and PageView counts, top charts and stats.
  • You come to know about your website’s latest hits.
  • Up-to-date data and analytics in a straightforward manner.
  • In-depth knowledge about a specific visitor can be drilled.
  • “Current Visitors Online” is an awesome feature of this plugin.

7. WP Power Stats

WP Power Stats is a powerful plugin for your WordPress website which lets you view your WordPress website’s statistics in a very easy manner.

WP Power Stats - Wordprax

  • Not only visitors data, but browsers and OS information is also available.
  • To track the data as you want it, you can customize the settings of this plugin.
  • Lightweight plugin with these features: Page views Traffic sources, Geographical location and Search terms etc.

This plugin has 10,000+ active installations and comes with a 1-click install and responsive feature as well.

8. Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics

Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics is yet another handy Statistics plugin to display your website’s or blog’s traffic and statistics.

Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics - Wordprax

  • Easily track your visitors and their browsers, visits and operating systems.
  • Real Counter and statistics for your WordPress website on the go.
  • The dashboard is very comprehensive.
  • Referral links and visitor sources are also available.
  • “People currently online” is a very interesting feature of this plugin.
  • Know the most popular keywords for your website traffic.

9. WP Live Statistics

WP Live Statistics is an awesome plugin for your website.

WP Live Statistics - Wordprax

Many features are similar to what another plugins listed above helps with, such as-

  • Users, pages, referers, cities, countries and link types.
  • Clutter-free dashboard for graphical representation of the statistics.
  • Top countries, top cities, top users and other info is also available.
  • “Current Visitors Online” feature allows you to see who is online and at which part of the world on the Google Map.
  • You can even filter the Top Stats of your website.

10. Google Analyticator:

Are you looking for a handy Statistic plugin that will make it convenient for you to view Google Analytics without having to leave your WordPress dashboard? Then, Google Analyticator plugin is for you!

Google Analyticator - Wordprax

  • A very popular and convenient plugin with 300,000+ downloads.
  • Array of widgets are available if you want to display the Analytics data on your website.
  • Summary of the site usage for your information as well as top referrers and top searches graph is displayed.
  • Outbound and download link tracking is available.

Concluding Words:

After going through the exclusive and comprehensive list of the WordPress Statistics plugins, you might get puzzled to choose one out of the many. The secret to cherry pick the best one is to ponder upon the requirements of your website.

Also, have a look at the screenshots of what the plugin dashboard will look like. The analytics reports should be easy to read and analyse so that you can save a ton of time. A plugin installation should never slow down your website speed. Furthermore, it should not be very heavy and cluttered.